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Fine Line Brush thumbnail

Fine Line Brush

Fine Line Brush
Pastel Nail Art Pens  thumbnail

Pastel Nail Art Pens

Rio Professional Nail Art™ Pastel colours offer unlimited scope for stunning, innovative, customized nail designs. Choose from 8 pastel colours.
Metallic Nail Art Pens  thumbnail

Metallic Nail Art Pens

Create your own stunning customised nail art with Rio Professional Nail Art Pens Metallic. Available in 6 different metallic nail polish colours in unique dual applicator bottles to create your individual look.
Professional Nail Art Pens Classic thumbnail

Professional Nail Art Pens Classic

Create your own stunning, customised nail art with Rio Professional Nail Art Pens Classic. This original collection features 6 exciting colours, including 3 primary colours so you can express your individual creativity.
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Revitalise dull, ageing skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin firmness and skin pigmentation
Professional Water Jet Dental Flosser & Oral Irrigator thumbnail

Professional Water Jet Flosser & Oral Irrigator

The Rio Professional Water Flosser & Oral Irrigator™ gives flossing excellence with the convenience of a high volume water tank.
Rio Skin Renew Microdermabrasion thumbnail

Skin Renew Microdermabrasion

Reveal clearer, smoother, more beautiful skin in minutes
Ultimate Nail Art - Professional Nail Artist Collection thumbnail

Ultimate Nail Art: Professional Nail Artist Collection

Create your own stunning nail designs at home with Rio Professional Nail Artist Ultimate Nail Art Collection. This complete palette contains all the tools and materials you’ll need to create impressive designs and endless nail art possibilities on natural nails or extensions
Rio Deluxe Footspa and Massager  thumbnail

Deluxe Footspa and Massager

Indulge tired, aching feet by treating them to some pamper time with the invigorating Deluxe Foot Spa & Massager.
Rio UV Nail Gel Nail Extension Kit thumbnail

UV Nail Gel Nail Extension Kit

This Rio UV Nails Extension Kit uses a specially formulated gel which reacts with UV light to create very strong, natural-looking nail extensions, while your natural nails grow freely underneath. It can be used without extension tips to create a strong protective layer, promoting longer and more dur…
60 Second Pedi  thumbnail

60 Second Pedi

Gentle enough to be used daily, 60 Second Pedi buffs away hard, rough and dry skin in seconds, leaving you with fabulously smooth feet.
Rio Wellbeing Collection  Aromatherapy essential oils thumbnail

Rio Wellbeing Collection Aromatherapy essential oils

Five of the most popular Wellbeing inspired blended essential oils
Lift Plus 60 Second Face Lift thumbnail

Lift Plus 60 Second Face Lift

Tone, lift and rejuvenate your face with Lift Plus 60 Second Face Lift from Rio – the beauty specialists.
Rio Motorised Roller Foot Bath Spa & Massage thumbnail

Motorised Roller Foot Bath Spa & Massage

The multipurpose foot bath features everything you need to soothe your soles
Rio Foldaway Foot Bath Spa thumbnail

Foldaway Foot Bath Spa

Revive and Refresh Tired, Aching Feet and its unique design means that when you’re done it folds almost flat for easy storage!
Rio Ultrasonic Facial Scraper thumbnail

Ultrasonic Facial

Ultrasonic Facial combines two facial beauty treatments to cleanse the skin and improve the absorption of serums and moisturizers into the skin.

IPL Hair Remover thumbnail

Forever Free IPL Hair Remover

Have satin smooth skin everyday with Forever Free home use IPL hair remover.
Rio Evolution IPL Hair Remover  thumbnail

Rio Evolution IPL Hair Remover

Have satin smooth, hair free skin every day with Evolution IPL from Rio, clinically proven to remove hair safely and effectively at home. Placed against the skin, pulses of intense light are delivered directly to the hair follicle with enough energy to disable the root without affecting the surrounding area. IPL is fast, gentle and delivers permanent hair reduction.
Facial Renew thumbnail

Facial Renew


Facial Renew uses advanced RF technology to target the collagen and elastin fibres deep within the dermal layer of the skin. Existing fibres shrink and tighten, helping to lift the skin and reduce sagging. New collagen production is stimulated, improving elasticity, tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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