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Rio14 Day Gel Nails
5 / 5
I bought this to do my own nails for my holiday abroad as my own polish only lasts couple days and i like my own polish and nail art. I have never had gel nails ever so i read about applying on internet and got some tips. I applied the clear coat with this kit and then wiped off residue and buffed matt as gel will not stick to anything shiny apparently, i then put my own nail polish on and nail stickers then left to dry for few hours so non gel polish was totally dry before putting gel over, i then buffed my own polish and stickers so they were matt and then did three coats of this kit gel polish, using lamp between each coat and not removing residue until after all 3 coats. I arrived back from 2 weeks in 32°c heat yesterday and my nails are still totally perfect!!! This stuff is amazing, i took the time to do it properly and researched how first, but well worth it, 2 weeks swimming and sand and heat and my nails still as good as when i went, excellent. All people on internet saying cheap lamps no good are talking c**p, this does the job fantastic when done correctly. Have already ordered more gel and wipes.
5 / 5
I purchased this set and used for the first time today. Fantastic results! My nails look beautifull. Easy to do... buff, wipe, apply any normal nail Polish thinly and allow to dry, apply gel polish 3 times, wipe off residue. Done!!!
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