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Customer reviews of 24 Piece Professional Cosmetic Make Up Brush Set

24 Piece Professional Cosmetic Make Up Brush Set
5 / 5
I tried to analize them in several aspects, but please note that I am not a professional, I just love the world of make up and skincare! I took a couple of make up artist courses, that’s it! In this review I expressed also a couple of advises or personal preferences, that I won’t write on the web site. I tried the brushes for about 1 month. I think that there is every brush that you might need to complete any look! My favorite are the eyes brush series. Only the eye shadow corner bristle came off the handle, but not a big deal as I put a bit of glue!Those that I didn’t use at all are large fun brush and delicate fan brush (maybe the professional make up artist use them more). I would have preferred a eyelash curler instead. I used as foundation brush n. 5 (flat blusher) and n. 19 (contour), I used the liquid foundation brush for blush instead. Of course it’s a personal choice (actually for the foundation my favorite is always the sponge or the blender). The bristles are very soft and glide nicely across the skin but also sturdy at the same time, the handles are slim and easy to maneuver in your hands. The look and appeal is really nice! The pouch is nice, a convenient way to keep everything in order, to store and to travel with. Personally I prefer to put the brush that I use most in a basket, because it’s easier and faster to pick them, especially when I’m in a rush, but for sure the pouch adds value to the set. The price is affordable I would recommend these brushes for any makeup buff like myself. Good Quality Super Wide Variety Good Performance Easy to Work With Easy to Clean Attractive package Great Price
Veronica Gallo,
5 / 5
They're very soft on the skin. My makeup was applied very nicely. The travel pouch they come in is beautiful aswell. I really like them and would recommend.
Charley Simone,
5 / 5
I bought a benefit angle brush for £16.50! And it literally could not compare to the angle brush in this set. The brushes are lovely and soft. I think this set is a must instead of wasting way to much money on brushes that just aren't worth it.
5 / 5
I love the make-up brush set.I washed some make-up brushes one evening(powder and liquid brushes) and didn't realise until now(2 weeks later) that you not supposed to wash powder brushes, will this affect my brushes? One day I went to do my make-up and thought they were mis-shaped. Is it just me or do the powder brushes go mis-shaped? Thanks Stacey. :) RIO - Stacey when washing the powder brushes air dry the brushes hanging them vertically with the bristles pointing down. Laying flat to dry can cause flattening of the bristles. If this has happened wash again and hang vertically to restore original shape.
5 / 5
LOVE these brushes! best birthday present this year!
5 / 5
I bought these brushes today and they already look and feel amazing, The brushes themselves look professional and are really soft. I love how we get an information sheet on how to care and to know what each and every brush does. Overall this is a brilliant buy and is cheap for the amount of brushes and how high quality they are. I will be buying from Rio again!
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