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Professional 36W UV and Gel Nail Polish Lamp

The powerful 36 Watt UV lamp rapidly cures gel polishes and UV gel used in nail extensions to create very strong salon finishes which last for weeks. The essential professional tool for any nail enthusiast.
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Professional UV Nail Extensions

The Rio Professional UV Nail Extensions includes everything you need to create strong, beautiful, natural finish or french manicure nail extensions which last and last.
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Quick Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions


Professional Quick Dip Acrylics uses a newly developed acrylic dipping powder to give thin,strong, natural-looking nails quickly and easily. The professional finish looks beautiful with orwithout nail polish. Can be used on nail tips or natural nails.

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UV Nails Extensions

Strong, beautiful nails which last and last
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Quick Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions

Jennifer, 17 June 2018
AMAZING!! These are just as good as the salons, yes you need to practice a bit to get that to standard but I'm on my 2nd set from this kit and wont need to stock u[p until next month so the kit gets you pretty far, you can infill when ever you need to and fix repairs without having to wait for hours to be seen for 1 nail repair, plus they sell all the stuff in the kit separately so you can stock up as and when you need to.

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