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Total Body Waxing


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Rio Total Body Waxing contains everything you need for fuss-free body waxing at home. Suitable for precision waxing even sensitive areas, the convenient kit comes with a step-by-step DVD for salon style results at home.
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Total Body Waxing contains everything you need for fuss-free body waxing at home. 


Suitable for precision waxing even sensitive areas such as the bikini line and face, the set includes Salon Hard Wax as well as Deluxe Soft Wax for waxing arms and legs. It is also suitable for male waxing areas such as the back or chest. 


The convenient wax heater is perfect for home-use and comes with a DVD giving a complete guide to all the various methods and techniques you’ll need for salon-style results without the price tag.


Rio Total Body Waxing



  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Deluxe soft and salon hard wax
  • 2 year guarantee 


How to use

Before you start, watch the step-by-step DVD for tips and a complete guide to waxing techniques. Always do a patch test on a small area of your skin for possible skin reaction.


It is also advisable to wash and dry the area you're going to wax to temporarily remove the body's natural oils and help the wax stick to the hairs.


Using soft wax

Place the salon soft wax tub inside the heater, ensure the lid is removed. Switch on the unit to melt the wax. Stir thoroughly until the wax has a similar consistency to syrup.


Apply the wax

Using hard wax

Put one tablet of hard wax into the heating cup then place the cup inside the heater. Switch the unit to melt the wax. Stir thoroughly until the wax has a smooth, thick honey-like consistency.


With a spatula, apply a thick and even coat of wax in even strips no wider than one inch. Allow the wax to cool on the skin until it is hard but still pliable. Holding skin taut with one hand, flick up the corner of the wax with your finger so that you have an area to grip. In one quick motion, pull the wax off in the opposite direction of hair growth.  Do NOT pull away from the skin.


Top tip

 Before waxing, trim your hair to about 5mm long. Peeling off too slowly will be painful and unsuccessful.


Removing the wax



Do not use this product on loose skinned parts of your body or any areas showing signs of varicose veins, skin diseases (for example eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis), cuts and abrasions, irritation, warts, moles, hypersensitivity or sunburn, diabetes, phlebitis, recent scar tissue, other skin conditions. We recommend you consult your physician before treatment if you suffer from any of the above conditions. Do not use on cuts or broken skin.




  • Wax heater
  • 3x Hard wax tablets
  • Deluxe soft wax
  • Heating pan
  • Spatulas
  • Paper removal strips
  • Wax remover
  • Full instructions and DVD


PDF instructions
really fab home kit, nice quality items and easy to use, highly reccomend
By Gill - 22nd May 2016
Great product!
I used to pay £25/month for full leg waxing at my local salon which is rather expensive. Now, I use this waxing kit and only have to pay £5.99 every two months to buy a tub of soft wax. It's truly a great product.
By T - 17th Mar 2016
Excellent Product, Excellent Value
This product pays for itself after 1 or 2 uses compared to salon or other at home treatments. Wax is excellent quality and you don't need to use the same pan for hard and soft wax as the soft wax can be heated straight from the tub it comes in. Highly recommend this product, if you currently use other at home waxes you will be pleasantly surprised how good this one works, much like a salon experience. Absolutely love it.
By Marie - 27th Mar 2015
Excellent product
This product is amazing! I purchased it as it works out much cheaper than at home one use wax kits. The hard wax is high quality salon wax and is so easy to use. It has given me the best waxing experience I have had, it actually did a bettter job than a proffesional wax. Removes hair first time. Well worth your money.
By Marie - 21st Mar 2015
Can't believe I used to go to a salon!
Excellent high quality product!
By Let - 11th Jan 2015
best home waxing
I have very strong hair on my upper lips and have to have it waxed once a week costing me £5. I purchased this kit a year ago and absolutely delighted with it. It saved me so much money in the long run and now I can do my upper lip myself in the comfort of my own home and whenever I need it. The wax provided last long as well, I only just had to re-stock it after a year for a minimum cost. I strongly recommend this product for everyone. The soft wax is great for legs too.
By Reka - 10th Nov 2013

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What are the top tips for succesful waxing? Always apply wax in the same direction of hair growth and the pull off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Always pull off the strip in one quick motion backwards parallel to the skin. If the strip is pulled away from the skin instead of parallel to the skin the hairs tend to be tugged up. This is both painful and does not remove the hairs successfully. It can also cause bruising to the skin.

Peeling off slowly will be painful and unsuccessful.

As a general guide hard wax is more suitable for more sensitive areas such as the bikini line and facial hair. Softwax is more appropriate for waxing larger areas such as arms and legs and the back.

Never re-apply wax to treated area. Use tweezers to remove any remaining hairs.

Trim hair before waxing with an electric trimmer or scissors to about 5mm long. The hairs should be no less than 5mm in length to allow the wax to grip firmly.

What are the top tips for using the Hard Wax ?

The surface dulls as it sets. Use this as a guide to determine when the wax is ready to remove.

The application should be thicker than with a soft wax and should be even all the way around the edges, extending beyond the hair growth area.

 If it breaks or is brittle, then the application was too thin, it was allowed to set too long or the room temperature is too cool.

Beginners should apply only one strip at a time. After you have mastered the technique, apply as many strips of wax as you are comfortable with at one time, allowing the wax to set.

What are the top tips for using the Soft Wax ?

 You can re-use the paper strip until it has become fully loaded with wax when it should be discarded.

If you fold a small piece of the end of the paperstrip over before use, this gives you a section to grip as you pull the strip away from your skin.

Can I use the Hard and Soft Wax in any area or are they better suited to certain areas? As a general guide hard wax is more suited to sensitive areas such as the bikini line and facial hair, although for facial hair both hard and soft wax can be used experiment and see which works best for you. .  Soft wax is more appropriate for waxing larger areas such as arms, legs and back

The paperstrips will not remove the Hard Wax? The Hard Wax does not require the use of paperstrips. The Hard Wax can simply be peeled / picked of the area

The wax leaves a sticky residue on the skin - how can I remove this?Using a baby oil with Aloe Vera helps to remove the residue from the wax.  This helps to stop your skin sticking together after waxing and before the shower.  It also cools and soothes the area just after waxing.  If applied after bathing it helps to keep the area free from irritation

Can I do sugar waxing with this wax kit? We cannot recommend sugar waxing with this kit, as we do not supply a sugar wax it would involve using another brand of wax and therefore heating temperatures etc. may vary

What aftercare advice should I follow? It is important to take extra care of the waxed areas of your body especially for the first 24 hours. Although you can use an antiseptic moisturising lotion to soothe your skin, do NOT use perfumed body lotions or creams since these can cause an allergic reaction or discomfort. Exfoliating 2 days after your treatment and everyday thereafter will prevent ingrown hairs.We recommend wearing loose fitting, natural fibre clothing after treatment, and avoiding tight fitting or nylon clothes which may rub on the treated areas. The removal of deep-seated and/ or thick hairs such as those found under the arm or at the bikini line can sometimes cause small drops of blood to appear on the surface of the skin. A cold compress made of dampened cotton wool will remove these traces of blood and help to cool the area.


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