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Professional Nail Art Pens Neon

Stand out from the crowd with striking colours and customised nail art with Rio Professional Nail Art Pens Neon. This original collection features 6 electrifying colours so you can express your wild side.
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Neon Nail Art Pens

Stand out from the crowd with striking colours and customised nail art with Rio Professional Nail Art Pens  Neon. This neon collection features 6 electrifying colours so you can express your wild side.


These Neon Nail Art Pens give you the tools to create your own stunning, customised nail designs on natural or false nails. Simply pull the top off the unique dual applicator bottle to reveal the detailing pen or unscrew the top to reveal the fine line brush. The included step-by-step DVD features handy tutorials to help you master techniques including waves, swirls, curves, teardrops and comma shapes or even paw prints and zebra stripes.


Whatever you choose, you’ll love the unlimited possibilities for showcasing your skills – just like a professional nail artist.


Watch our Nail Art video for technique tips




  • 6 stunning colours in unique dual applicator bottles that have a detailing pen and a fine line brush
  • Sample design chart of nails created by a professional nail artist using the kit
  • Step-by-step DVD and user guide showing nail art tips and techniques
  • Can be used on natural or false nails


How to use

  • Revealing the pen: Simply pull the top off. No turning is required.
  • Revealing the brush: Holding the base in one hand, and the top in the other, unscrew the top anticlockwise and reveal the brush.
  • Using the pin: The pin is located on the underside of the bottle. Removing the sticker will release it. Use it to prod down the nib of the pen should it become blocked or dry up. Re-attach to bottle after use.


Treatment areas


  • Fingernails
  • Toenails




  • 6 Nail Art Pens
  • Nail art brush
  • Nail art instructions including chart of designs
  • Complete nail art DVD included


Rio Nail Art Pens are a Registered Design, No. 2083590

PDF instructions

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What advice should I follow before I start using Professional Nail Art? Make sure the surface you are working on is well protected. A few sheets of newspaper or magazine will do the trick. Ensure nails are clean and dry before starting application. Allow the polish to dry before applying another colour. Have some nail varnish remover close at hand to clean the brush before applying another colour and for clearing up mistakes. Some practice will be required for applying polish to the nails on your writing hand. You may want to get a friend to help. Some dark nail polish colours can stain the nail. To avoid this, apply a basecoat of clear polish before painting with your chosen colour

What aftercare advice should I follow? Once your design is completely dry, a top coat of your usualclear varnish will make your design last longer. If you have used the large brush to apply a base colour, cleanimmediately with ordinary nail polish remover. Ensure the tops are put back on all the pens so they won’t dry out. Keep bottles cool, dry and away from sources of ignition. Store with adequate ventilation. To remove your nail art, use nail polish remover. Note: If you are wearing false nails or nail extensions, do not use a polish remover that contains acetone, as this may damage the extensions. This product is affected by U.V. light – store away from direct sunlight.


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