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UV Nails Professional


UV Nails uses a specially formulated gel that reacts with UV light to create very strong, natural looking extensions while allowing the natural nail to grow freely underneath.

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UV Nails uses a specially formulated gel that reacts with UV light to create very strong, natural looking extensions while allowing the natural nail to grow freely underneath. The UV gel and lamp can also be used without extension tips to create a strong, protective layer on the natural nail, promoting longer, stronger nails which don’t split or peel.



  • A powerful 36 watt UV mirrored chamber
  • Built in timer
  • Full accessory kit
  • French manicure kit
  • Suitable for hands and feet


How to use:

UV Nails Extensions contains everything you need to carry out the following salon-style treatments at home:

  • Preparing the nails
  • Applying extension tips
  • Blending in the seam
  • Applying UV gel
  • UV Nail curing
  • Finishing
  • Removing nail extensions
  • Infilling
  • Aftercare and advice


Treatment Areas:

  • Fingernails
  • Toenails - If using the lamp on your toe nails, you can remove the pull-out tray, allowing you to place your foot flat on the floor whilst curing. Protect floor with a suitable flat covering.



  • UV appliances are not to be used by persons:
  • With open cuts on or around the cuticles or fungal nail infections
  • Under the age of 18 years
  • With sunburn or skin that burns easily when exposed to the sun
  • Suffering from or previously suffering from skin cancer or predisposed to skincancer
  • Having an immediate family member with a history of melanoma
  • Having a disease that involves photosensitivity or receiving photosensitising medication (increasing sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation). If in doubt, takemedical advise
  • Not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities,or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety
  • If itching, an allergic reaction or skin reddening occurs within 48 hours of treatment, further exposure should cease until medical advice is sought



  • 36W UV lamp and chamber
  • 100 french nail tips
  • 15ml pink UV gel
  • 15ml clear UV gel
  • 100ml acetone
  • Cuticle oil
  • 100ml finishing wipe
  • UV nail primer
  • Full accessory pack includes 100 regular nail tips, acrylic nail brush, 3 step nail buffer, 3ml UV nail glue, nail file, extension tips scissors, sanding block, cuticle pusher



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My UV lamp is not very bright?

UV rays are invisible, these are not the lilac light you can see, so even if your lamp appears dim this will not affect the performance. UV bulbs take about a minute to reach to full strength so turn on at least one minute before use.


My gel nails are lifting?

Remember the most common cause of gel nails lifting is poor nail preparation. Try to meticulously remove all residual cuticle cells from the nail plate before proceeding to the next stage and do not touch the nail plate after the preparation stage to prevent contamination with skin oils.If you accidentally touch the plate, wipe over again with finishing wipe to remove any oils you may have transferred.


The sides of my nails are not curing?

If your nails have very pronounced ‘c’ curves you may find it difficult to cure the sides of your nails. Try rolling your fingers from side to side when under the lamp to expose all surfaces of your nail to the UV light and cure for 4 minutes.


The top surface of the gel feels tacky?

The top surface of gel always appears tacky after curing, this is completely normal and should NOT be removed between layers.


Remember, once the finishing wipe has touched a nail you CANNOT apply more gel without first buffing to take shine off of the surface. Gel will not stick to glossy hard gel, only tacky gel or non-shiny gel!


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