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Sonicleanse uses micro-pulsating high frequency sonic cleansing for a deeper, more effective clean. The head pulses at an amazing 10,000 times a minute to gently loosen dirt and oil to cleanse your pores, while being gentle enough to use as part of your daily beauty routine.
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Sonicleanse as seen in Marie ClaireSonicleanse uses micro-pulsating high frequency sonic cleansing for a deeper, more effective clean.


The head pulses at an amazing 10,000 times a minute to gently loosen dirt and oil to cleanse your pores, while being gentle enough to use as part of your daily beauty routine.


It’s a revolution in facial cleansing in just 60 seconds.

Watch the Sonicleanse video



Why Sonicleanse



Rio Sonicleanse takes the effectiveness of daily skincare routines to the next level with advanced micro-pulsating technology. Sonicleanse goes beyond merely rotating; it pulsates at an incredibly high frequency for a superior clean that manual cleansing is simply not able to achieve.


Using micro-pulsating, high frequency technology, the cleansing brush head, with over 44,000 micro-tine soft bristles, oscillating at an incredible 10,000 oscillations per minute to gently loosen dirt and oil for a deeper, far more effective clean.


This deep clean targets the appearance of pores, oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes.


Sonicleanse can be used daily to help remove the epidermal layer of dry and flaky skin cells and to help remove dirt and grime from deep within the pores, leaving skin feeling and looking refreshed, smoother and revitalised.


Sonicleanse is a facial cleansing device that has benefits for all skin types – including sensitive, dry, combination and oily skin.


How to use


Sonicleanse is cordless and is simply charged by placing the unit into the charging cradle. The brush heads are easily attached by simply clicking into place.


The face should be dampened with warm water and a preferred cleansing product applied to either the soft brush head or directly onto the skin. The choice of cleanser is purely down to personal preference.


Choosing a cleansing programme that’s right for you

Sonicleanse offers two skin cleansing programmes – a programme that presents a lower frequency of sonic pulses for a gentle cleanse, and a programme with a high frequency action for a deep-penetrating cleanse.


It is recommended to begin with the lower frequency programme before progressing to the higher frequency programme to allow the skin to adjust to the new sonic cleansing regime.


The lower frequency programme is selected by pressing the main programme button twice. The light will illuminate green when the programme is selected.


The higher frequency programme is selected by pressing the main programme button once. The light will illuminate red when the programme is selected.


Simple, effective, deep-pore cleansing – forehead, nose, cheeks and chin

For deep-pore cleansing, the unit is simply held gently against the surface of the skin and moved in small circular motions across each treatment area of the face.


Sonicleanse encompasses an in built timer which indicates with a ‘beep’ when it has been used continuously for 20 seconds. At each ‘beep’ it is suggested to move onto the next area.


It is recommended to start with the forehead, and then move onto the nose, chin and finally the cheeks. Sonicleanse will automatically switch off after 60 seconds.


After treatment, the skin can be rinsed clean using warm water and followed with skin serums or moisturisers.




  • Safe for cleansing all skin types
  • Adjustable power levels: Low: for gentle exfoliation and High: for deep penetrating sonic cleansing
  • Rechargeable, cordless design for better control and a 20 second interval timer alert to encourage a more complete cleansing
  • Charging Cradle
  • Water resistant - for use in the shower or bath
  • 2 year guarantee




  • Rio Sonicleanse unit
  • Charging cradle with power adapter
  • Soft brush attachments
  • Full instructions and information guide



PDF instructions
Would definitely recommend
I love using Sonicleanse for all over exfoliation - ideal for buffing off dry skin on my arms and elbows as well as on my face. Would definitely recommend.
By Sarah - 14th Apr 2014
no woman should be without.
By jessica - 26th Dec 2013
Top quality
wow, wow, wow!!! im addicted its fab i just want to cleanse all day. my skin has never felt so good and looked so healthy.
By jess - 26th Dec 2013
Rio Sonic Cleanse
I love my rio sonic cleanse. It is really good value for money and makes my skin feel great.
By Jackie - 17th Oct 2013
Sonicleanse has totally transformed my skin. I used to get a lot of spots and had very oily skin, but Sonicleanse has cleared up my complexion loads! It's such good value too - I would definitely recommend.
By Rachel - 7th Sep 2012

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Is Sonicleanse water resistant? The unit is water resistant, but do not place where it canfall or be pulled into water. Do not immerse this product in water. Do not hold the product under running water.

How do I clean Sonicleanse? The unit may be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners. The brush heads may be cleaned by removing them from the unit, and soaking in a bowl of warm water, leave to air dry thoroughly before using. Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners.

How often should I change the Sonicleanse heads?  The brush heads should be replaced every few months. Or, if they become discoloured or lose their shape, replace immediately.

I have sensitive skin, can I use Sonicleanse? The advanced brush head technology is ideal for delicate, sensitive and normal skin types. Sonicleanse also has adjustable power levels; low for gentle care to keep skin firm and high for penetrating exfoliation.


Why not read some blogger reviews of Sonicleanse?

> Adrienne from The Sunday Girl says after 3 months of using Sonicleanse:

'My skin is softer, clearer, absorbs product better than before and has a nice glow not to mention that my pores appear smaller and that I am overall less oily which is not bad considering all I did was change the way I cleansed my face with one item.'  

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> Thrifty from A Thrifty Mrs talks about Sonicleanse helping her Lupus scars to fade:

'I noticed a real dramatic improvement in my skin'

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Sonicleanse Review


> Sara from SWalkerMakeUp includes the Sonicleanse in her Current Beauty Favourites:

'It's rather amazing!!'

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Sonicleanse Review


> Sinead from Dainty Dollymix says:

'I have been using the Rio Sonicleanse now for a couple of months now. I use it on a night through the week and on a morning and night on weekends simply because i have more time....It leaves my skin feeling much smoother and clearer and i can definitely tell the difference between the deep scrub this gives compared to using a cleanser on its own.'

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> Kate from the wedding website Confetti includes Sonicleanse in her article on Modern Must-Have Skincare Gadgets:

'From the first day I used it I wondered how I ever got along without it. It certainly does do what it promises leaving my skin feeling and looking refreshed and revitalised with fewer blemishes. A month of using it and I have noticeably softer, clearer, smoother skin, my face feels like silk. No more harsh exfoliators for me. I love this little brush. And yes your groom can use it too. It comes with a spare brush head!'

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